Grade 1 – 4

Grade 1 – 4

Ages: 7-13 years old

The School of Mystic Ballet’s – Ballet Division provides a comprehensive ballet and dance education. The quality of training that begins in the Pre-Ballet Division establishes the foundation for progression through the Ballet Division  and Pre-Professional Program.

Training follows a carefully designed curriculum allowing each student to progress to their maximum potential. The  faculty works to develop the student’s abilities in a safe and supportive learning environment.

In addition to developing strong technique, students gain valuable life skills such as self-discipline and motivation, creativity, increased critical thinking, confidence and self-esteem.

Starting in Grade 1, students begin formal training in traditional classical ballet. The syllabus progresses at a rate that allows the student to learn the exercises correctly and with full physicality. Repetition and slow careful work is emphasized, with the students learning discipline and control of their bodies. Students progress to the next level when they have mastered the material and physical understanding of the syllabus in their current Grade. For some students, this may take more than one year. Students may be moved to the next level during the year if they have met the requirements of their level before the end of the year.

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Grade 3 and 4 students who attend the Summer Intensive and enroll in the Pre-Professional Program may participate with Mystic Ballet’s Jr. Company. Junior Company dancers have opportunity to participate in additional performances throughout the year, with special invitations and opportunities to perform with the Mystic Ballet Company.

Children in the Pre-Professional Program are encouraged to take as many make up/extra classes as they can in the same or a lower level. For highly motivated students this will help accelerate their progress; the more classes a student is able to take, the quicker the work of each level will be learned.



MB Junior Company dancers receive exceptional technical training with exposure to all dance genres and a range of dance performances — all on par with top-notch college dance programs. After moving through the program, MB Junior Company dancers are ready for admission into premiere dance programs, conservatories, and universities or to work in the theatre, entertainment industries, or to teach dance — right out of high school!


AT MB Junior Company, dance training consists of multiple disciplines, such as Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Modern, Musical Theatre, and Hip-Hop. The curriculum focuses on strengthening the dancers physically and educating them in all areas of dance, including history, nutrition/anatomy, choreography, teaching techniques, and more.


The privilege of having a world class dance company, Mystic Ballet sharing the facility and its artistic staff, the world’s top choreographers, and industry professionals, with the school, is a unique opportunity which you may find only in Boston or New York, and is greatly beneficial for our students.



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