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Enrollment is on-going through the end of February providing that space is available. Parents or students interested in signing up for classes at School of Mystic Ballet – Dance Palace should contact the administrator at the school to request a registration packet and class availability information. The school year begins after Labor Day in September, and is divided into three trimesters: Fall, Winter and Spring. The start of each trimester is listed in the school calendar. Tuition fees do not include holidays and vacations. (see the School Calendar) Students enrolled in the Fall or Winter trimesters, will be automatically enrolled into the following trimester/s, however, if the student is not continuing their studies, they may withdraw. Withdrawals are accepted only in writing, three weeks prior to the start of the next trimester. A registration fee of $30 is required for each student. Registration is good for the Academic year. This fee is paid upon initial registration and is non-refundable. You may register either by mail, by fax (Visa/MC only), or in person, with a completed registration form, tuition for the first semester, or first tuition installment (if applicable), and registration fee.
Parents will be notified via email to confirm their child(ren)’s enrollment. If an email address is not provided, you will receive confirmation by phone.

Returning Students

Returning School of Mystic Ballet – Dance Palace students receive the appropriate registration packet, along with their year-end evaluation which includes their class placement) in May. Returning students will receive priority placement if their Registration Form is returned to the Administration Office by the deadline noted in the registration packet and their School of Mystic Ballet – Dance Palace tuition account is in good standing. Priority registration does not guarantee a space in the class of choice. Instead, it is a period of time when the Administration Office processes only those registration forms from returning School of Mystic Ballet – Dance Palace students. Due to the high demand of students wishing to enroll in School of Mystic Ballet – Dance Palace, you risk losing a space in the class you have been recommended for if you do not respond by the priority deadline. Returning School of Mystic Ballet – Dance Palace students who do not meet the priority deadline will be processed with new students on a first-come, first-served basis beginning when registration is opened up to the public. Enrollment of any student is subject to the artistic and administrative discretion of the faculty and staff.


Returning students will be placed by faculty assessments.
All new students for the Ballet Division will be assessed during class to ensure proper placement.

Payment Policy

Tuition is payable on a trimester/monthly installments basis (See Tuition Schedule) by check, money order, in cash or VISA/MasterCard. (Credit card payments will be assessed a nominal processing fee).
For the students who pay by trimester, tuition is due, no later then 7 days prior to the start of the trimester (see the School Calendar). If payment is not received by the beginning of the trimester, a late fee will be assessed. For the students who pay by monthly installments, tuition is due, in advance, on the 1st of each calendar month. If payment is not received by the 10th of the calendar month, a late fee will be assessed.
Late payments for tuition, or any other late payment, will be assessed a minimum $10.00 or 10% (whichever is greater) late fee per student.
A $30 fee will be automatically charged for all returned checks.

Refund Policies

Due to limitations in class enrollment, once registered, tuition is not refundable. Students who miss classes or withdraw before the end of the program, or trimester are still obligated for the full program’s or trimester’s tuition, whether they are paying in full, or on a trimester basis or in monthly installments.
In the case of prolonged illness or severe injury, tuition will be refunded or transferred on a pro-rated basis, only upon written confirmation by an appropriate doctor-specialist of the student’s inability to attend classes. The registration fee is non-refundable.


Merit and work study scholarships are available on a limited basis and are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need, dedication as well as talent.


Punctual and regular attendance is expected of every student in all classes. Whenever a student must be absent from class, he/she is expected to telephone the school to inform his/her instructor of the absence prior to the class. Absences may be reported to
Classes missed due to illness, or classes canceled due to inclement weather, may be made up. Students may take a make-up lesson at the same level or lower level. It is the students privilege and responsibility to make-up any missed classes within a two week period of the absence. Schedule alternate classes for make ups with your instructor.
No transfers, credits or cash refunds will be given for missed classes.


Students are expected to arrive at least ten minutes prior to class time, or whatever time is needed, to be dressed and fully warmed up before class begins. Students arriving ten minutes after their class has begun will not be permitted to take the class due to risk of injury, but should observe.


The atmosphere of the School is one that promotes professional dance conduct, training and the appreciation and experience of dance as an art form. The School insists on maintaining an inspiring environment which will provide a positive learning climate for its students.
Polite, respectful, and disciplined behavior is required and expected of all students, family members and guests at the School. Classroom behavior should be based on generally accepted good manners and respect for others.* No jewelry or warm-up attire may be worn during class
* Clothing should be put under chairs
* Gum-chewing is not permitted during class
* Students should not enter a studio until the instructor invites them
* No running in the hallways and stairs
* While waiting for class, students, family members and guests should respect the needs of the students and instructors who are in class by refraining from loud conversation and boisterous behavior
* Students, or guests, with unacceptable behavior will be excused from the classroom or facility


In order to provide the best educational environment for your children, and all of our students, and to prevent class disruptions, parents and guests are not permitted in the classroom while a class is in session. However, the school is equipped with a video monitoring system so that parents can observe the class in the lobby through the TV monitor. Also Parents and guests are invited to observe and participate in the classes 2 times per year during Observation Weeks specified on the yearly calendar.
During the Observation Weeks, and to help us to provide best educational environment for your children and all students, parents and guests are asked to refrain from bringing small, and unattended children and to remain in the classroom for the full class period.


Official school holidays are listed in the School Calendar.
If there is a question regarding cancellation due to inclement weather, please call the school at 860 536.3671 for up to date information. All school closings will be posted on the School of Mystic Ballet FaceBook page.
The School reserves the right to cancel a class because of insufficient enrollment and to close a class which has reached capacity.


Students who are not participating in class, or visitors, under 12 years of age, shall be attended at all times inside the school lobbies.
For safety reasons it is strictly prohibited to climb or walk on the rocks, or to use the parking or surrounding area of the school for any activities other than parking.
On the school premises the speed limit is 5 m.p.h. For the safety of the students we ask you to drive with extreme caution.
Fire egress code is strictly prohibiting the blocking of the main entrance, fire exits, the circular and main traffic flow. NO PARKING -NO STANDING in these areas.

Required Attire

Long hair must be worn in a bun or secured away from the head and neck. Short hair must be secured. No jewelry or warm-up attire is to be worn in class.Students are required to wear designated class attire, available for purchase at the school.

Where can I buy the dress code attire?

Leotard/s should be ordered through the school during the first week of classes. Additional leotards and tights can be purchased during the year at the front desk.Shoes can be purchased at most regional dancewear stores.


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