The School of Mystic Ballet faculties are Mystic Ballet artists who work together as a team and follow a progressive and developmental dance syllabus. Under the leadership of Desiree Subotic, school principal, they bring to their teaching and coaching extensive performing careers, as well as educations from the world’s most prestigious schools, with a strong commitment to passing on their acquired wisdom, knowledge and experience to their students.
Having a world class dance company, share the facility with the school, presents unique opportunities for our students. Genres and specialty classes which you may find only in New York or at cutting-edge company training programs and colleges happen here daily. Our students are provided with an education and choreography that is relevant, and up-to date, taught by today’s artists that are passionate and eager to progress the art form. A recipe that is greatly beneficial for our students. The ballet program also adheres to a comprehensive R.A.D. syllabus, promoting steady progress and a strong foundation in each student’s growth as a dancer, both artistically and technically.




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